We are the largest tequila
producer worldwide.

Vertical integration

Jose Cuervo operates with a vertically integrated value chain for tequila’s production. This model ranges from agave cultivation, distilleries, processing and packaging facilities and maturation warehouses, to storerooms and distribution centers. The essential raw material for tequila’s production is Agave Azul; the Company owns the largest plantation in Mexico, thus, controlling its supply and ensuring the product’s consistency and quality.

Since our tequila brands are produced in Jalisco, Mexico
from Agave Azul, they hold the certificate of Origin

Diversified portfolio

Becle´s portfolio of over 30 recognized brands in nine categories includes several distilled alcoholic beverages, Ready to Drink cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. Our diversified brand portfolio of distilled alcoholic beverages comprises multiple categories, tastes and prices throughout the Company’s key markets, focusing on a broad range of consumers. Therefore, the Company is able to increase its market share and anticipate variations in consumption tendencies, stabilizing its cash flow generation through different economic cycles.

Strategic acquisitions

We have increased our presence in the most profitable distilled spirits markets in the world due to organic growth and strategic acquisitions, such as that of Bushmills in 2015. We are well positioned to maintain the international expansion with our key brands of spirits.

Furthermore, the Company will take full advantage of the synergies created by the merger with Proximo –our United States and Canada distillery and distributor.

Becle strives to increase its global presence, as
well as its cash flow generation and profitability.