We promote responsible and moderate consumption of spirits, aiming to safeguard our consumers’ health. Hence, we oppose the informal alcoholic market, discourage drinking and driving, prevent consumption by minors and encourage absolute respect towards abstinence.


We raise awareness in young adults through college conferences and several activities about the risks of excessive alcohol drinking and drinking and driving, as well as to discourage selling alcohol to minors and prevent the informal market. This platform encourages young entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas aiming to find real solutions to these problems.

Fundación de Investigaciones
Sociales, A.C. (FISAC)

For many years now, Casa Cuervo has participated as an active member in strategic alliances of Fundación de Investigaciones Sociales (FISAC), a non-profit organization which, since 2003, promotes campaigns to raise awareness among society about all the existing risks of excessive alcohol consumption. This institution carries out campaigns –published in the media, public roads and highways, written material, among others– to promote prevention messages and encourage a restraint and responsible consumption culture. Their campaigns have four core concepts: No drinking and driving, No underage drinking, Respect abstinence and Consume moderately.

A few of their latest campaigns were:

  • How do I sober up?
  • Zero alcohol and driving related deaths
  • Why should you avoid drinking and driving?

This same organization has edited and published materials to raise awareness, such as: “The standard drink in Mexico”, which has been the model for relevant consumption self-regulation campaigns in many states of the country.

Furthermore, Casa Cuervo participated in the “Vive sin Drogas” campaign of Fundación Azteca / Fundación Jose Cuervo in Tequila and of the 2005-2006 Addiction Prevention Program in Tequila municipality / Fundación Jose Cuervo / CECAJ.