Industria Limpia Certification
in our three plants

We thoroughly respect and protect our planet and its resources. All our operations are aligned to Cuervo’s Comprehensive Environmental Plan in order to maintain our sustainable commitment. This system includes key performance indicators in order to reduce our water and energy consumption, as well as decrease the generation of hazardous waste and emissions.

Waste management and compost

Since 2005, Cuervo holds an agreement with AMIFAC and Semarnat for the recollection of the agrochemical containers’ program. Besides, Cuervo has a collection center in Tequila for agrochemical containers.

Two composting centers were installed in Rancho San Juan (Altos region) and Rancho Todos Santos (Tequila region). In the former one, 22,465 tons of compost were produced between January and December 2016, and 18,926 tons between January and July 2017. In Rancho Todos Santos composting center, 1,500 tons of compost were produced between July and December 2016 and 204,236 tons between January and June 2017.

Our bottling and composting facilities, as well as waste management processes, comply with all the industry’s regulations regarding health, management and quality:

  • Ley General del Equilibrio Ecológico y Protección al Ambiente
  • Ley General para la Prevención y Gestión Integral de los Residuos
  • Reglamento de la Ley General para la Prevención y Gestión Integral de los Residuos
  • Ley Estatal del Equilibrio Ecológico y Protección al Ambiente
  • Ley de Gestión Integral de los Residuos del Estado

For composting centers:

  • NOM-161-SEMARNAT-2011
  • NAE-SEMADES-007/2008

For containers:

  • NOM-052-SEMARNAT-2005
  • NOM-053-SEMARNAT-1993
  • NOM-055-SEMARNAT-2003

After we use agrochemicals in our fields, all these containers go through a thorough cleansing process called “triple cleanse”; subsequently, they are shipped to our collection center where they are sorted according to each container’s material. Once they are classified and compacted, the “Campo Limpio” program –a strategic partner to achieve sustainability in the processes– recycles them.


Cuervo strives for underground water collection and recovery; therefore, it plants a great amount of trees and progressive flora. Some of the actions we take to ensure this are:

in Tequila

coordinated by the
operations unit and
Reforestemos México, A.C.

Reforestation in
Tequila municipality

young adults work camp in 2005

of operations

to EXTRA, A.C. in
Guadalajara in order to
reforest the spring forest

Reforestation agreement

Agricultural Unit in 2005

Reforestation of
Tequila and La Laja

communities with the
participation of employees,
their families and community
members in 2011

of land

in the Tequila
region in 2005