Corporate ethics

Honesty and transparency are the foundations for Becle’s sound relations with its stakeholders. Our Code of Conduct is an important tool in bringing our values to life in our work. It explains the Company’s expectations in areas that could cause ethical or legal issues if mishandled.

Code of Conduct

Internal Ethics

Supports the Board of
Directors and the Audit
and Corporate Practices
Committee in fulfilling
some of their duties,
including promoting a
culture of integrity and
compliance with
applicable laws
and regulations.

Supplier Code
of Ethics

We want to do business
with partners who
share our values
and are committed
to acting ethically
and transparently.
The code is based
on the 10 principles
of the United Nations
Global Compact.

of Integrity

Employees must confirm
that they fulfilled
their individual
responsibility and
commitment to understand
and act in adherence
to the provisions of
the Code of Conduct
and corporate policies.


The Company has
implemented a
communication channel
managed by an
third-party that
employees can use to
report reliably and
anonymously any
wrongdoing or
potential violation
of the Code, internal
policies, or the law.