We create synergies with the communities
where we operate, in order to maximize
positive results to social challenges.

Fundraising and collection of gifts and clothes by the Corazones del Agave Philanthropy Committee –comprised by 268 volunteer employees from our different business units and 10 employees from Fundación Jose Cuervo– for the children of Edisa employees and of farmers from Sayulita and San Gabriel, as well as for Tequila La Culebra’s children, a limited resources community in Jalisco.

Research program with ITESO and TEC de Monterrey universities to increase the quality of life of Tequila’s families through self-employment, product innovation and tourism strategies.

7,302 reading hours accumulated within Jose Cuervo through the Read more Challenge 2016.

Jose Cuervo provides significant scientific and community contributions regarding the Tequila industry’s knowledge, mapping of employees who participate in verification committees, research and certification.

and poverty

diagnosis of rural
communities in
Tequila municipality

analysis of

Rojeña Facility and
Fundación Jose Cuervo
in Tequila municipality


in Tequila municipality.
EXEB / Fundación
Jose Cuervo

Diagnosis to
identify needs

Universidad de Guadalajara
Fundación Jose Cuervo in Tequila Jalisco

Alcohol and drugs


in Tequila municipality.
Fundación Jose Cuervo / CECAJ

Development of the baseline

for the economic development of the Ruta del Tequila
project in the agave region. Banco Interamericano
de Desarrollo / Consejo Regulador del Tequila /
Ruta del Tequila / Fundación Jose Cuervo


for the municipal development
plan Tequila 2040.
Tecnológico de Monterrey
Fundación Jose Cuervo